The Ultimate Solution to Relocation



Ever heard of someone saying, my relocation was just as easy as a fat kid on see-saw going down?
All of us have relocated or have had friends who did and some or the other way are familiar with the
troubles. Finding a house, movers and packers, gas connection, telecom etc., is a mind boggling task.
Taking multiple trips to your destination even before relocating, spending time and money and still not
being satisfied and finally when found a place, still trouble in getting everything done. Finding a house
online but the real image turns out to be a nightmare. Then comes the process of getting the right
movers and packers, when done with that comes the tension of the safety of your goods and also
waiting for the truck to arrive, those sleepless nights without your favorite blanket and what’s worse
than not getting your morning coffee in your favorite mug which is packed with all other things and still
hasn’t arrived. Then finally hunting for a gas connection and telecom, days of restaurant food and slow
net speed. And this isn’t even the end of the problem. All this hassle not because you didn’t put enough
time but because you didn’t discover the problems, didn’t find the right services and dumbfounded
relocated to a whole new place. This is where Flytta is just a click away to help you.
Flytta is a personalized intra and intercity relocation portal assisting necessities to luxuries.
Flytta doesn’t just helps you to solve, but also to discover everything you need to know about relocation
and then when you are aware of the hassle, lets you find and connect with the best services in your
destination over your screen in your pajamas (or pants or shorts), all the solutions just a click away.
Flytta, Relocate with Ease!