House hunt in today's world!



Ever been in a house hunt?

Earlier, it was all laborious, going out searching for a property or going through the newspaper for vacant properties. Taking a pen and a paper, finding the properties, making a list, filtering according to the needs and wants of oneself. After all this a property would be selected which only worked 65% of the time ie. (wasn’t always perfect).

Then came the era of property websites. These sites revolutionized the way of finding a house. All that was needed was a computer, internet connection and time. And you could find a house pretty easily!

But do you know what the house hunt is like today?

30+ websites (who all claim to be authentic and best) which have 1,000,000+ listed properties. Now the person would say, " well I got a lot of options to go through", but do you have the time? Going through all the websites and all the 1,000,000+ properties, finding the best place to stay in the destination city, finding the desired houses/societies, verifying them, looking for family requirements, calculating the cost, calculating travel time to school/ office, etc.

This where Flytta comes in. We make it simpler for you to hunt a house in this era. We not only give you quantity but a pool of quality options, thereby, not just saving your time but also providing you with amazing properties that suit your needs. We take care of your each and every requirement (personal or family), by giving you the elasticity of finding the house and making it the best experience for you. From gated societies to individual houses, from apartments closer to work to villa’s closer to school,we have it all.