From the center to the south- Arjun Thakur



When I first learned about my transfer from Bhopal to Chennai, my first concern was how we were going to take our luggage’s all they way from Bhopal to Chennai? Travelling all the way from Central India to South India with all our luggage and our homely goods was the main concern. Along with that the new city locality and facilities available was a task to fulfill. Before moving out of Bhopal personally going and seeing the house and locality was a need to be done. Along with language being a barrier it would be difficult but thanks to some friends I could find some good builders and really good houses. Soon I picked one house in Anna Nagar with all amenities near and in and around the locality it was great to move into Chennai. Thanks to the packers and movers, we could travel with ease and the luggage’s reached on schedule and my relocation from Bhopal to Chennai was done with ease .